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Master thesis

  • Pedro Maat C. Massolino. "Design and evaluation of a post-quantum cryptographic co-processor". University of Sao Paulo. 2014. [Thesis] [Code] [BIB]
The thesis shows a hardware design that can perform McEliece encryption with binary QD-Goppa codes and McEliece decryption with binary (QD-)Goppa codes. The entire design was written and tested in VHDL.

PhD thesis

  • Pedro Maat C. Massolino. "Secure cryptographic implementations in hardware: A delicious adventure". Radboud University. 2021. [Thesis] [BIB]
The thesis shows the implementation of five different cryptographic primitives. In the first chapter there is some background on Montgomery multiplication, followed by a chapter two which implements the Montgomery multiplication. Chapter three reuses the same multiplier of chapter one to construct an elliptic curve scalar multiplier. Chapter four then implements a hardware/software co-design of SIKE. Finally, chapter five shows the hardware implementation of three symmetric primitives: Gimli, FRIET and Subterranean 2.0. The thesis is an aggregation of already published papers by myself.